company. These factors include budget, location, theme, decorations, catering, corporate or private event weddingThere are many important factors to consider when choosing a food and beverages.  You also must decide on the number and type of tables needed.


, party host or hostess, you need to fully understand your expectations when it comes to the facility, menu and presentation. For a ceremonial dinner, wedding reception, corporate event or private party, Chateau Crystale provides a recognized multi-course dinner, traditional dinner or casual fare with an experienced staff to serve you and your guests every need.brideAs


Another important factor is the level of dependability of a catering company. During the planning phase, develop a short list of at least five potential catering companies by talking to friends and co-workers.  Chateau Crystale is a leader when it comes to references from happy customers. The staff will provide information on the type of menu available, amount of deposit required as well as availability, which will help with the planning of your special day or event.


Chateau Crystale located in the Westchase area of Houston provides superior cuisine produced from the best and freshest products available to you by professional and talented chefs who are leaders in the culinary art community. The staff will also be able to accommodate and handle individual guest needs such as vegetarians with minimal ease.


When determining a catering company for your wedding, choose one that will make it a special day.  Compromises should not be expected so strive to find a catering team that best suits your individual needs. This will assure that your day is “A day to Remember”.  For corporate or private events,  rest assured that we will  provide you with an event that will be both  stress free and enjoyable.

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