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Wedding Colors – How to Choose Your Wedding Colors for 2014

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Wedding Colors for 2014

Why Selecting Your Wedding Colors for 2014 at an Early Stage Is Vital.

There are many factors that might affect your choice of a wedding color scheme, including the season of the year, the mood that you wish to create, your age group and that of your guests and the proposed venue. Now is the time to choose your wedding colors for 2014. It is a widely held belief that the color scheme should be one of the first decisions you make. Once you have decided upon your color scheme you will have a palette to guide you. These items include:

The Wedding Cake

Obviously, if having a traditional wedding cake then the color of the decorations should reflect the chosen color scheme.


Invitations and any other stationery that may be needed should reflect the chosen color scheme, although you may choose to go for a complementary color rather than trying to match everything exactly.

Napkins, Table Runners, Name Card Holders

The added touch for all your tables, such as napkins, table runners and name card holders should match or compliment your color scheme.

Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Usually these would reflect the principle color in your palette and are important choices since they serve to showcase the dress worn by the bride.

Groom’s Accessories

Principally this would apply to the groom’s vest & tie. These are a subtle, but effective way, of reflecting wedding color schemes.


Flowers are an important part of all wedding color schemes and wedding colors for 2014. The florist will work with flowers in season to find blooms that fit your color palate.

Wedding Favors, Matchbooks, Candy etc.

All wedding favors, matchbooks and candy that are also an integral part of the wedding color scheme that has been selected by the bride and groom. The important thing to remember is that  items used, whether in a decorative or a functional sense,  should complement the wedding color scheme.

So How Do You Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme?

Obviously, the choice of a wedding color scheme is, at least in part, a subjective one. Many magazines and websites include personality questionnaires where you will almost certainly see “what is your favorite color?” as one of the personality-revealing questions.  You may want to go with that color palette since it reflects your personality.

So what are the principle factors that might help you to make up your mind?

For a fall wedding, earthy colors such as ochre, brown and gold work well. Perhaps here we could pick up those colors with the use of gold as the primary color in the wedding color palette. Reds, not too bright, could also play a part here. For a summer wedding, bright colors such as yellow & orange paired with earth tones such as brown would reflect the season.  Think sunflowers! For a winter wedding, the color palette should compensate for the lack of color in nature by introducing a bright color palette. Maroon, yellow, and blue would add a nice pop of color. For a spring wedding, the color palette should include green, purple and pink to reflect the appearance of the first flowers following the drab months of the winter. Now is the time to choose your wedding colors for 2014.